Liqueur wine

Incanto is the result of an accurate infusion process where intense aromas of black cherry and spicy scents are wisely linked to the characteristics of the Merlot grapes.

Typology: Liqueur wine.

Grape variety: 100% merlot.

Production area: Montespertoli (Florence)

Fermentation: in steel tanks at automatically controlled temperature, with maceration for about 20 days and daily pumping over.

Production method: The black cherries are macerated in the wine and alcohol, brandy, sugar and spices are added only after aging in cask.

Tasting notes: deep ruby red color with light garnet reflections. Intense aromas of black cherry and spicy scents that delicately bind to the organoleptic characteristics of merlot. Delicate and soft taste, with a persistent and rich finish. .

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