The place to taste all the products of the estate

The Winery within the Tenuta Moriano is the place to taste and purchase all the products of the estate from the Tufesco to the Chianti, from the Morianorosso to the San Lorenzo wines, the olive oils and distillates, all available in single bottles, in cartons and in a variety of gift packages.

The "enoteca" is the high point in the panorama of the Chianti region. Having the opportunity to organize personalized wine tastings, our highly experienced staff, transform the experience of visting the wine cellar, into a knowledgeable, charming event.

Reservations to visit the winery and the vineyards, can be made upon request. In addition to the participation of the wine tasting, the winery offers its guests the opportunity to discover the secrets of wine making, from the harvest to the pressing and bottling, inclusive of fermentation techniques, and the multi faceted processes of aging.