Tenuta Moriano - Toscano


Wine Rosso Toscana Igt

The wine that holds the legend of Tuscany, product of traditionally grown and cultivated on young vineyards with add youth and freshness to the creation of this young, independent and genuine wine.


  • Typology: Red I.G.T. wine.
  • Grape variety: Sangiovese.
  • Vineyard height: From 250 to 280 metres a.s.l. Clayey and tuffaceous soil. 5.000 plants per hectare. Cultivation system is “cordone speronato”.
  • Fermentation: In steel vats at automatically controlled temperature, with maceration of 20 about days and daily pumping over and punching-down.
  • Maturation and aging: In steel vats. Aging 3 months in bottle.
  • Tasting notes: Colour ruby red. Flavour crisp and lively yet persistent. Bouquet intense and fruity.

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