130 hectares located the heart of the Chianti region

The Tenuta Moriano property covers 130 hectares located near Montespertoli, the heart of the Chianti region. 20 hectares are set aside for vineyards producing high quality wines and wines with the IGT label (indicazione geographica tipica).

The Tenuta Moriano grapes grow and mature on our best terrain, exposed to sunshine, characterized by a unique micro-climate and in a soil ideal for the production of wines of an assured quality. The vineyards have been exactly laid out in various ways to maximize the attributes and substance of the wines.

From this terrain originate the precoius in demand wines with the DOCG label, such as the Chianti Montespertoli, produced in limited quantities, and other marvelous wines of superior quality, made of carefully selected grapes such as Tufesco and Morianorosso. From the distillation of our grape pomace we obtain our grappa with a soft and harmonious taste. On other parts of the estate new olive trees are cultivated alongside older ones, whose fruits all produce the precious and delicious Tuscan olive oil.

The remaining land is seeded with grasses and plants that produce a variety of colors, alternating from season to season amongst them sunflowers and a selection of grains.