Panconesi - Incanto Liquore di vino



Incanto is the result of a process of infusion where intense flavours of black cherry and spices are connected to the characteristics of the Merlot grapes.


  • Typology: Liqueur wine.
  • Grape variety: 100% merlot.
  • Production area: Montespertoli
  • Fermentation: 20 days of maceration in steel vats at an automatically controlled temperature.
  • Type of production: We macerate cherries in wine after being in barrel we add alcool, brandy sugar and spices.
  • Alcoholic strength: 27% Vol.
  • Tasting notes: Colour roby red with gentle garnet reflex. Bouquet intense aromas of cherry and spice tastes bind to the organoleptic characteristics of merlot. Flavour gentle and smooth with persistent and rich finish.

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