The story of the Tenuta Moriano is grounded in profound values

Tenuta Moriano is located in the municipality of Montespertoli and owned by the Panconesi family, which is native and deeply rooted in the Chianti region. The Panconesi family took over the estate in 1990 and created an efficient agricultural hacienda set up for modern viticulture and for the production of quality wines.

Today the Tenuta Moriano covers 130 hectares completely dedicated to cultivation, in certain areas for the production of wines, in others for the production of extra-virgin olive oil still extracted in the traditional way with millstones. The agricultural structures of the original Tenuta Moriano were carefully restored and converted to high quality tourist accommodations.

The story of the Tenuta Moriano is grounded in profound values. These values are transformed into great care and into constant research and development in all its aspects, not only resulting into a passion to produce the resources that are then transformed into the creation of an assortment of wines of an excellent standard, but also in the creation of advanced services of total comfort and reliability.