Gift packages

To appreciate the valuable content, and the pleasure of giving, the prestigious packages with the products of Tenuta Moriano.

These refined packets composed with its products reflect the authenticity and genuineness of Chianti area where we find Tenuta Moriano.

Each package can be customized, making wooden boxes on the customer requests with the wines, the spirits and the oil of the tradition of Tenuta Moriano.

The Wood Items

  • Wooden case two bottles;
  • Wooden case three bottles;
  • Plexiglass cover wooden case with three bottles;
  • Wooden case of 6 bottles;
  • Wooden case, bottle Magnum San Lorenzo;
  • Wooden case, Grappa del Chianti.

The Cardboard

  • Cardboard case, one bottle;
  • Cardboard case, two bottles;
  • Cardboard case, three bottles.