Tenuta Moriano - Chianti Il Boscaccio


Wine Chianti Docg

Chianti expresses the Tuscan territory that mainly produces the Sangiovese grape, expresses the complexity of this grape variety.


  • Typology: Chianti d.o.c.g.
  • Grape variety: Sangiovese.
  • Vineyard height: From 250 to 280 metres a.s.l. The soil consists out of Stratified Pliocenic marine tuff, the cultivation system is called “cordone speronato”, 5000 plants per hectare.
  • Fermentation: Maceration for 15-20 days in steel vats at automatically controlled temperature.
  • Maturation and aging: In steel vats. Aging 4 months in bottle.
  • Tasting notes: Colour ruby red. Perfume red berries. Flavour persistent, morbid and good body.

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