A residence located on a small hill with ten apartments

Farmhouse San Lorenzo is another residence located on a small hill. There are ten apartments of which the ones on higher grounds are connected by a lovely passageway shaped like an arch. Calm and a little more isolated apartments lie between the green fields, olive trees and the vineyard. From the cottage-style houses you have view over the swimming pool. There are also hidden places in the field where you can relax completely.

The cottage-style apartments of Farmhouse San Lorenzo also known as the “Sunset Farmhouse”, lies on the ridge of a small hill and offers you a spectacular view over the Chianti hills and the property. The 130-hectares-property has reserved a certain amount of space for its guests, although the land's main purpose is for the cultivation of olives, vineyards, grain and so on. The buildings are original constructions, that have been renovated using as much of the old materials as possible, for instance the use of antique Tuscan wood for the furniture.

Farmhouse San Lorenzo is an agriturismo, a farm that also provides accommation for tourists, welcoming and comfortable with the best services at your disposal.

The ten apartments of the “Sunset Farmhouse” have names that represent Tuscany's historical protagonists such as Dante and Leonardo, great minds who got their inspiration from these very